Capital punishment in American

Capital punishment in American

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write your discussion board post telling us about the case and person chosen, i.e. Why was the person you chose executed? What are some things from his or her early life that you learned about? Was there anything unique about their crime? How long were they on death row? How were they executed? Next, tell us about the state that the person was executed in, i.e. Does the state perform a lot or few executions? What is the current legislation in the state regarding capital punishment? Is there any flux of the death penalty legislation in that state right now? Finally, draw a comparison between the state where your chosen individual was executed and Florida. If you happened to choose a person who was in Florida, please choose a state at random and make your comparisons. This is where you can incorporate the other materials from the Module, and have a complete discussion of Hurst, Poole, and the state of capital punishment in Florida today. These questions are not intended to be exhaustive, but to help guide you. Ultimately, after posting and then reading your classmatesÂ’ posts, I would like for you to begin to pick out trends in what you are reading. Please post the identification of any trends or commonalities you see in your two peer responses. Remember that this is your only assessment for this module, so please make sure that is thorough and descriptive enough to show that you see a connection between what happens in the legislature and what is happening in the criminal justice courtrooms today.