Capstone Eportfolio Project – Hire Quality Writer

HSA 4922 Capstone Experience BAS in Healthcare Administration
Final Project: A Portfolio, reflecting students learning outcomes for Common Core and Specialization
Courses completed.
The portfolio includes:
 An opening statement
 A brief “bio” (personal biography)
 A Detailed Resume
 A listing of program and course outcomes for the common core and specialization courses.
 A reflective paper defining what the student learned, how they achieved the learning outcome
for each course, and an example (evidence or artifact) of the work completed in each course
which reflects the desired learning outcome. Each learning outcome (Common Core and
Specialization area) must be addressed in the written papers.
 A closing statement
Common Core Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, the
student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate leadership expertise through the ability to motivate teams and individuals, and to
facilitate change within an organization.
2. Comprehend the ethical and legal dimensions of an organization and apply ethical standards
and social responsibility to all facets of organizational decision making.
3. Conduct an analysis of appropriate financial and economic data necessary to support
organizational decision making.
4. Apply management theories and resource management practices to successfully lead a dynamic
5. Demonstrate the ability to collect data and analyze information in order to formulate
analytically sound decisions for the planning and utilization of resources.
6. Analyze and apply the strategic decision-making and operational planning process for effectual
policy making within an organization.
7. Communicate effectively in a variety of modes within an organizational environment.

All eleven outcomes must be addressed individually (one paper for each), and must follow these guidelines:
A minimum of 500 words for each paper.
An introduction, body and conclusion.
Double-space, 12pt. font, 1 inch margins
Title page, with your name, course name/number, professor’s name, date and a title for the outcome item you are addressing.
Reference to a specific course or courses from which the learner demonstrates new learning.
A bibliography (APA format) referencing course(s), text book(s) and any other factual information referenced in the paper.
An attached example (artifact) from the referenced course(s) exhibiting work completed in the course, related to the subject matter of the outcome. There will be one artifact (work sample) attached to each of the eleven learning outcomes.

I am going to attach examples of the epotfolion below
I only need the First 7 Common Core Learning Outcomes:
1. The course that goes with Motivate and Faciliate Change is MAN 3303 Leasdership and Managment and HSA 4502 Healthcare Risk Managemnt
2. The course that goes with Anaylze Data outcomes is QMB 3600-Quantiative Method in business
3. The course that goes with is Apply Managment Theory and Practices is MAN 3303- Leadership and managament also GEB4891- strategic planning and managment
4. The course that goes with Resource Planning is GEB4891-Strategic Planning and Managment and MAN4301-Human resourse Managment
5. The course that goes with Decision Making and Policy Planning is HSC 4502-Healthcare Risk managament MAN3240-Originaztion Behavior
6. The course that goes with Effective Communication is GEB 3213-AdvNCED Communication
7. The course that goes with Application of Ethical Standards/ Social Responsibility is none