Capstone Final Project

Capstone Final Project

Assignment type
Research Paper


For this capstone final project, you will create an educational guide for incoming Elon students to increase their understanding of diversity/social justice. The first part of the project is an executive summary which will provide you with an opportunity to uncover what is written in the literature about some element of diversity and social justice that you are interested in. You will explore a minimum of 10 sources for the executive summary portion of the educational guide using mostly journal articles and books. Please don’t use newspaper articles,, websites, or other non-academic sources for your literature review. The executive summary is a scholarly endeavor, so select such sources. If you are in doubt, please consult with me. Therefore, based on the knowledge that you garnered from your executive summary, identify an issue or problem within your selected diversity and social justice area and develop a Culturally Competent Educational Guide (CCEG) around this issue that will increase cross-cultural communication, cultural competence, and overall diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness among incoming Elon students. Please use APA style and the project should be 13-14 pages double spaced in total.