3. Given the rising cost of food supplies and lower demand, will cost-based pricing strategy offer Casa de Paz a competitive edge? Explain.4. What pricing strategies do you recommend for Casa de Paz based on Covid related market conditions (demand elasticity) and competitive pricing?
· The case report must not exceed 2,000 – 2,500 words. Be clear and concise. Repeating ideas unnecessarily can result in grade reduction.· All sections must be authored. If multiple persons contributed to a section, name all contributors.· Use of Excel is highly recommended. (Do not write out the data in sentence format. Use a table or chart and highlight the data you want the reader to focus on.)· Formatting and style guide is APA· Ensure that all external sources are properly cited within the text and is referenced appropriately at the end of the paper, including course materials.· The assignment requires you to analyze the decision making process based on you learning (marginal analysis for extant decisions, opportunity cost, sunk cost fallacy, investment decisions, pricing economics, price discrimination strategies, human decision making biases)