Case Study 1 Worksheet

Part 1 you need to fill out the worksheet and follow the attached directions. Part two please answer the study question listed below on seprate doucment. Part 1 *The word count provided on the worksheet is the suggested word count for the entire worksheet. This is NOT a word count per question. I am fine with you going over the word count, as long as you meet the minimum word count for the worksheet. *Please put your answers directly on the worksheet underneath each question. Do NOT format your answers into a paper without the questions present. I need to be able to clearly identify your answer to each question. *Be sure to incorporate APA ethics codes and principles into EACH question. Your ability to incorporate APA ethics into your responses to the questions and how you think about the case is a big part of your grade for these case study assignments. Read Case Study 1 in the text. Complete the Case Study 1 Worksheet. Part 2 needs to be separate document. Please answer the question below Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Review this weeks course materials and learning activities, and reflect on your learning so far this week. Respond to one or more of the following prompts in one to two paragraphs: Provide citation and reference to the material(s) you discuss. Describe what you found interesting regarding this topic, and why. Describe how you will apply that learning in your daily life, including your work life. Describe what may be unclear to you, and what you would like to learn.

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