Change Management and ERP

Choose a company. It might a company where you are working at the moment or where you have previously been worked. Or it can be a company you have searched from the internet. Take two of the company’s processes and do the following:a) Describe process phases and draw process diagrams. Describe what kind of software systems are being used in different phases (if there are any). You can use applicable method for process diagram, see 3rd lecture material. Describe what information can be gathered during these processes using ERP system.b) Evaluate and make suggestions what kind of benefits could be achieved if the company purchases new ERP-system. Would there be challenges or pitfalls? How these systems affect on processes?c) Evaluate and analyze what are this specific company’s Critical Success Factors (CSF). What are those factors that have to be achieved in order to survive in complex business environment.d) Evaluate and analyze the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your company.e) Make an analysis regarding information that is gathered with ERP-system. How it can be used while making business level decisions? How you can use this information in preparing key performance indicators?f) Prepare a report with minimum 10 pages (word) and presentation (powerpoint).