Chapter 5 Case Study

Airbnb From creating new value to disrupting existing businesses, the rise of the sharing economy has had a major impact on the hospitality and transportation industries. The sharing economy allows individuals to seamlessly move between acting as buyers and sellers. Emerging companies such as Uber and Airbnb have been winners in this sharing model, creating uncertainty for traditional incumbents such as taxis and hotels. Airbnb, an online and user-friendly platform that allows hosts to list their homes as a destination, was founded in 2008 to connect people to unique travel experiences at any price point. Within three years it had reached 1 million bookings. This success hit a major hurdle in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the pandemic hit, travel restrictions in many areas were put into place, and many consumers were wary of travel; this put a significant dent in Airbnbs growth. As a result, Airbnb decided to tighten up and return to its core of everyday people hosting their homes and offering experiences. This meant putting some activities on hold (e.g., transportation) and scaling back on others (e.g., investments in luxury properties). Questions: As the example above illustrates, companies must be able to prepare for strategic uncertainties as much as possible. While COVID-19 might have been difficult to predict, many other strategic uncertainties exist for Airbnb. Identify and explain one such strategic uncertainty. While your answer here can be related to COVID-19, there are plenty more out there to choose from. If you do choose one related to COVID-19, make sure that you use original thought regarding what new uncertainties related to the pandemic might exist. How should Airbnb respond to the demographic trends outlined in your textbook? What about cultural trends? Notice that this says should, meaning dont focus on what Airbnb is already doingyou need to do your research here! Please be sure to answer each of these questions; they should not be lumped together but instead treated separately. Note that there is a 2 page limit for content (excluding references). Please do not use single spacingline and a half or double spacing are preferred. Font size 12 points. Use APA or MLA for proper citing and referencing

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