Child custody (family law)

Research Proposal: Design a Hypothetical Research StudyThe goal of the research proposal option is to design a hypothetical research study on a topicrelated to your field study experience.My Field placement is at a law firm where I focus on child custody within family law.This topic should be one that addresses an important gap inknowledge as evidenced in the academic literature.In the first part of your paper, outline the relevant issues and their significance (why should wecare about this topic or issue?). Discuss any theories that may speak to these issues. In the second part,review social science research on this topic and integrate findings to draw a conclusion about the “state ofthe field” in this area. When you find controversy or encounter contradictory research findings, discussboth sides and address whether one side is more persuasive than the other given the weight of theevidence. In the final part, outline a study that you would conduct in a setting like your field placement toaddress this important gap in our knowledge. State the specific aims of your study, and then applyknowledge from past courses (i.e., research methods) to specify a research design and data collection planthat would meet those objectives. Provide as much detail about the research plan as possible, includingany strengths and weaknesses of the study design.I will provide you with a file that is my thesis but you should change it up because it isn’t perfect and also my annotated bibliography which is about 17 sources. You need to use 17 sources in the paper you can use those sources if you need to change it up go ahead.