Child Observation Narrative Paper

Choose a YouTube video of you choice with a child you can observe for several minutes. The child should be between the ages of 2-5Find a video of a child interacting with other children, if possible. Otherwise, the child needs to be interacting with at least one other person.Try to find a video that is at least 7-10 minutes long (Try a more recent video, and also I need a link to which ever video you choose.)
record (or pretend that you recorded) any data related to the following domains:Physical developmentEstimate weight/heightGross motor skillsFine motor skillsOther physical characteristics or activitiesCognitive DevelopmentLanguage useCreativityDecision makingJudgmentSocial Emotional DevelopmentEmotions (positive/negative and how handled)Psychosocial stage (you must include this for full credit in this area)Social interactionsSelf-ConceptTemperamentCultural InfluencesParenting practicesMultiple languagesGender roles4) Write a narrative report of what you observed of the child. Use complete sentences and paragraphs. In your report:Introduction with child’s demographic information (age, gender, family arrangement – if known, and/or identify primary caregivers)State that you received permission to complete the observation, if applicableDiscuss observations and divide into sections based onPhysical domainsCognitive domainsSocial/emotional domainsCultural influencesBe sure to use formal, clinical, development language in your report. You must incorporate vocabulary from the textbook into your report.Again, if you did not observe some of the areas above, please discuss what you expected to see.The paper should be about 3 pages and it will be double-spaced. You do not need in-text citations for this assignment, as you will be writing about your observation and simply including vocabulary from the book.