Choose two (2) potential topics you want to use for your Argument Essay. Write a paragraph about each topic, explaining why you are interested in these topics.

Choosing a Topic to Discuss
If possible, please attach your submissions as word documents.
Choose two (2) potential topics you want to use for your Argument Essay. Write a paragraph about each topic, explaining why you are interested in these topics.
This is not a trick.I’m only asking for 2 paragraphs. It’s meant to be an easy task. If youcan’t write a paragraph on a topic, you won’t be able to write 7-10pages. If you can’t identify why it interests you and convey thatclearly, it may not be something you want to spend all semesterresearching.
Here is an example:
Covid-19 and Mandatory Vaccine
I am interest in this becauseCovid-19 is the first worldwide pandemic since the 1918 Spanish flu thathas has such intense global impact. Science and research are strongernow, than ever before, and the race for a vaccine was a global effort.However, if people don’t get the vaccine, the virus will linger andrestrictions will remain in place. I’m not sure if mandatory vaccinesshould include children, any person under 18, yet, this is required forchildren to enter schools and daycares for previous vaccines like MMR.I’m not sure why Covid19 vaccine should be different. I am stillresearching this though.
Zoos and Animal Cruelty
I always have thought thatanimals in Zoos looked sad. While it’s interesting to see them in “reallife.” it’s also awful to think about a wild animal being caged, rippedfrom their home habitat, just for human entertainment. It would beinteresting to see if most animals in Zoo’s are rescues. Just a fewyears ago, the Ringling bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus closed downafter 146 years because of animal rights activist. I wonder why Zoo’sare still in business? Also, the rise of the human circus, with cirquedu soleil, seems to be taking it’s place. At least with people, we paythem, rather than just cage and exploit animals.
Notice in the above examples, there isnot an exact thesis, or even an exact position, it’s just a paragraphshowing me WHAT interests you and WHY. It is meant to be informal andjust get you thinking and brainstorming. So, next week, when we do oursession with the librarian, and she asks if you chose a topic yet, youcan honestly say, that you’ve at lease considered some options.


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