Classification paper for Grand Theft Auto 5 characters and supporting characters in relation to the whole story and how they interact and cross paths

VIDEO GAME CATEGORY. Scientific Classification paper on Grand Theft Auto V video game… writer must be knowledgeable about this game and the characters, its timeline, story , and missions, and able to relate and write about the relationships between and relating characters to the timeline and intersection of each other within the story relating to outcomes – ultimately analyzing the classifications of these characters and how they relate to supporting people in the game
Give a rationale and system for organizing things into categories or groups with descriptive labels. It considers the base model of things, and then shows how the most basic differences create categories.
Classification Essay should include in between “Introduction” and “Discussion,” the following: One of these subsections: “Background” or “History” or “Recent Work” or “Previous Work”. Then, each category for classification of your object of study could get a subsection title, or you can group similar categories together under several super-category subsection titles. So an essay about Resource Transactions could have categories for subsections like “The Vending Machine”, “The General Store”, “Burglary”, “Relieving the Dead of the Loot” etc.
Length: 4-5 pages of writing, not including illustrations, tables, diagrams, graphs or other non-prose figures. If there are no figures, total paper length should be 5-7 pages.
Figures: Must have written anchors in the text (e.g. “See Figure 4.”). Figures should not be larger than what would fit in one of the double-column pages of the provided template. Figures must have captions (e.g. “Figure 1: Amoebic mitosis in each stage.”).
References: A References section must appear at the end of the paper. All citations must be in ACM style as shown in the attached template, which are the square bracket numbers that correspond to the same square bracketed numbers in the list of references. ACM style reveals and lists references in the order they appear and are needed in the prose of the paper.
Sources: At least one primary source must be a video game. The paper must reference at least three scientific papers as secondary sources. The paper may use at least one tertiary source to provide examples of an application of a technology or scientific concept as defined in commercial media publications.
The essay must use the two-column ACM template. Sections included must be the following: “Abstract,” “Introduction,” , “Discussion,” “Conclusion.”