Client Presentation

Your final project willbe to design a training presentation to the client’s IT staff.If you haven’t alreadydone it last week,:Downloadthe Client PresentationTemplate to get started.Reviewthe Presentation Resources whichmay help you get started.The presentation mustmeet the following requirements:11 to 15slides of easy-to-understand content (text and visuals). Remember, youraudience is the IT team within an accounting firm.voiceannotation for every slide (excluding the reference slide)at least tworeferencesThe presentation canincorporate screenshots from Project 2 along with additional screenshots asneeded. Content should include work that needs to go into making the upgradesuccessful, how to improve security using two or three of the Windows 10built-in features, and how-to backup and restore Windows 10 data using some ofthe tools available in Windows 10.The presentation shouldaddress your recommendations for the following items:VersionSummary
Recommendedversion of Windows 10 (e.g., Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Pro Workstation)and specific reasons for your choice (e.g., security features, technicaland business requirements).
ExplainWindows 10 deployment methods. Which method or methods you think will beappropriate for the upgrade? Consider the hardware specifications outlinedin the project scenario.
WindowsSecurity, BitLocker, Defender, Local Security Policy
Backup andRecovery Overview
Discuss theimportance of backing up and recovery of Windows 10. This can includeexplaining what types of files and data that can backed up and restored.This should address:
theproblems encountered when Tetra Shillings Accounting fell victim to aransomware attack that resulted in the loss of critical data.theconcerns that Tetra Shillings Accounting has concerning recovering datathat is lost due to deletion, corruption, or media failure.the abilityto restore system files and settings without affecting the user’spersonal files and data.theconcerns that the client has about recovering systems that are negativelyimpacted by an operating system update.
Backup andRecovery Tools
You willneed to explain how to use Windows 10 backup and recovery tools to meetthese objectives. Provide a brief overview of each tool and how it can beused to address the company’s concerns. Use screenshots to demo how toconfigure backups that address the firm’s need to recover from aransomware attack and restore the system to a state before a Windowsupdate, driver, or application was installed.
Backup toRecover from Ransomware Attack
Describe howto back up and restore individual files using the utilities available inWindows 10. This should provide the client the ability to restore fileslost due to ransomware attacks or other potential risks.
Backup andRecover a Restore Point
Research howto protect backup data that is stored on the network. Based on yourresearch, you need to present a strategy to protect backup data that iscompromised during a ransomware attack. This will most likely require astrategy to store, copy, or move backups to an offsite location. In thisslide, you will need to explain the risks of only having only having asingle copy of a backup stored on the network. Think about if the clientsuffers another ransomware attack and the corrupted data cannot berestored because the backups were also compromised during the attack.