Clinical Information Architecture Changes Resulting from EHR Migration to Cloud Computing

Proposalsshould range from 10 to 20 (double spaced) pages, excludingtitle page, abstract and bibliography.
Subject – Computer Information Systems
Type of paper – Research Proposal
Topic – Clinical Information Architecture Changes Resultingfrom EHR Migration to Cloud Computing.In other words, you could discuss the technical changes healthcareprovider must make when migrating from traditional information architectures tocloud architectures. Start by focusing on one area of a healthcare provider,then apply knowledge of information systems to determine the changes necessaryin order to migrate to the cloud. These changes will likely include proceduresand technology.
Paper Requirements1. Background: State the reason the project is beingundertaken. Provide a background thatdescribes the problem or issue this project will seek toresolve or explore, and how it relates toCIT. Please be clear and to the point.2. Goals: Future state that you intend to achieve, not anactivity. These need to be clear and measurable3. Methodology/Approach: State the proposed approach thatwill be used to meet the projectgoal(s). Examples might include action research, casestudies, surveys, experiments4. Deliverables/Expected Results: List the end product orservices that are to be produced in orderto fulfill the goal(s) of the project. Deliverables musthave measurable results. There should be a clear deliverable to measure againsteach goal5. Requirements/Resources: State any requirements orresources needed to do the project.Examples could include access to a facility,measurement equipment, computing resources, personnel, etc6. Assumptions: List all conditions believed to be truebefore beginning the project. Examples might include accessible facilitiesand/or equipment, vendor delivery date, and/or client involvement.7. Limits and Exclusions: Further define the project bylisting, items/products/services that are not part of this project8. Milestones: Provide a list of milestones (points along aproject timeline) and their completion dates or the critical path for keyproject events (At least three major milestones need to be provided. The 4th isthe main project deliverable).9. Bibliography: Provide an APA formatted list of sourcesyou plan to use in this research