Collecting Reference on Children Vaccination

Assignment Requirements:

Three sources, formatted as full references in APA style. Note that these sources should be listed in alphabetical order by the start of each entry (normally the author’s last name). Each reference should include a hanging indent (Links to an external site.) for the second and each additional line of the source.
A 100-150 word per source blurb (referred to as an “annotation”) that shows you have read the source material and know how you will use the source material in your own presentation. Each annotation should start with objective summary and then provide your own personal response. Here are points to include:
Evidence that you have read the source carefully and critically and that you understand the points it is making. In your own words, start your annotation by summarizing the source’s argument succinctly and fairly, without adding your opinion.
A connection to your own argument. Next, explain how this source supports your side of the issue. How can you use it to establish ethos, pathos, or logos? What do you think about what the source says, and how will it be useful to you for your Video Argument Presentation?
You are not required to submit a title page for this assignment; however, you should use double-spacing and Times New Roman 12-point font.