Communicating with a Service User’s Family

Assignment: Communicating With a Service User’s Family

With your expertise, experience, and education, there will be times when you will need to make professional recommendations to assist service users and their families to make a decision about a specific treatment, option, or course of action. Family members and service users can sometimes be at odds with how to best resolve issues and challenges, and each option can have tradeoffs or risks. Your ability to marshal facts, provide dispassionate information about different options, and navigate the family tensions and dynamics at play will help you communicate effectively with service users and their families. This is a key, senior case management skill you have been developing throughout your course of studies.

For this Assignment, you will demonstrate how to provide unbiased information respectfully and to communicate effectively with the family members of a service users facing difficult choices.

To Prepare:
Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcements.

Review the scenarios found in the Learning Resources, and pick one scenario of the two and craft an email to the relevant family member:

By Day 7
Write a brief, diplomatic, caring, and professional email communication to the family member(s) in one of the scenarios to make a recommendation for addressing their situation.

Provide evidence that supports your professional recommendation so that the family members have the information they need to make an optimal decision.

Remember, your goal is not to persuade the family to follow your recommendation. Rather, your goal is to empower the family of the service user to make the optimal decision that fits their needs.