Communications – Story Telling

Character sketchCommunications in Story Telling:
Use the story in the link below to create a character and storyline.
Survivor Stories

PromptCreate a sketch for one main character of the story.Use descriptive language to show rather than tell the attributes of the character.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:In a sketch of one main character, identify and describe the following:The role of the chosen main character in the storyThe physical and non-physical attributes of the chosen main characterThe character traits of the chosen main characterThe character’s background, including significant events that occurred in the chosen main character’s pastThe motivations and ambitions of the chosen main character
You aren’t creating a discussion about the Story.Rather, you are doing storytelling which gives us a view into a real, or invented, situation creating an adventure that leads to the moral of the story.Storytelling narratives have characters, settings, dialogue, and action.You will want at least one main character in your story.Your main character is your protagonist—the person your audience is rooting for and the character with we love and/or pity. This character can be a person, an animal, a cartoon or a completely invented entity. Your character should, however, be relatable and believable. Your protagonist is challenged by the antagonist—an element of fear and/or oppression in your story. The antagonist can be a person or could be something inside our protagonist that is holding her back.In Your storytelling adventure, your protagonist will be a LGBTQ+ youth who is in distress.Alternatively, you might choose the best friend of your protagonist or a parent who is concerned about our youth. Or, your protagonist might be one of your counselors having them tell their tale of finding a community that loves them for who they are. You could choose a character on the antagonist side—maybe a bully that is oppressing your youth in distress.In your final course project you will have developed more than one character. In this sketch assignment you are practicing with just one.