Community Action Plan

The community action plan needs to focus on reducing obesity in Canyon County, Idaho.
The case study, with five sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, Timeline, and Prevention). Each section should be about a page in length. Your entire paper must be 5 pages in length not counting the title or reference pages.In the Symptoms section, describe the public-health issue. What “symptoms” does it exhibit? Think about whom it affects, where it affects them, and how.In the Diagnosis section, discuss the causes of the issue, and give examples of other Idaho communities that have suffered the same problem. How did those communities solve or attempt to address the issue? Add a special emphasis on the demographics of the affected population.In the Cure section, discuss possible options for a cure for this public-health issue. How can you get rid of it, or reduce its occurrence in your community?In the prevention section, discuss possible options for the prevention of obesity. How can you reduce the chance of people being impacted by obesity in the future?In the Timeline section, discuss the time needed for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation.Five scholarly articles are required as your sources. The paper should be based on references to scholarly materials (rather than on introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings, for example) and should support your claims with evidence.