Compare 2 stories

Choosing two of the three short stories, you will compare them in regards to character, theme or perspective. You will be responsible for reading all three, but you should only compare two of the three in your mini-essay.First, read the stories, then select two that you believe are comparable in some capacity. Most likely, theme, character, setting or perspective will be the focus of your response.Once you’ve chosen the comparison point, track them throughout each of the stories you’ve chosen, using specific evidence from the text. You might want to write down specific quotes or passages from the text.Then, write a mini-essay of about 550-600 words regarding the topic. You will want to include:An introduction paragraph, no less than 2 comparison points/arguments, at least 4-5 different ‘proofs’ between the two stories (not each story, but 4-5 total) and a conclusion paragraph.Your mini-essay may not have a ‘thesis’ in the introduction paragraph, as you are comparing the two stories chosen. Rather, if you wish, your conclusion paragraph may be where you put your ‘thesis’. What is your overall message and takeaways after comparing the two? What do you still wonder about or was not clear? Look at files for more instructions.