Compare and contrast on how fil effects the audience.

Explain how a film effects the audience.ORExplain how a film demonstrates a culture or subculture.Examples (you do not have to select one of these):Option 1: Audiences enjoy watching blood and guts so Ringu (1998) Japanese horror film delights with its innovative body destruction.Option 1: Chinese films like Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) entertain global audiences because people universally like big robots bashing each other.Option 2: Overcomer (2019) demonstrates beliefs of Christians while featuring a high school basketball season.Option 2: Chronicles of Narnia (2005) uses fantasy to provide the audience with core Christian beliefs coded into its themes.Requirements:5-7 pages3rd POV12 pt Font, Double Spacing, with name in top left corner per syllabusThesis needs to be clear and situated in the introductionFollow Thesis Guidelines provided in Class NotesClear and orderly transitions, Paragraphing, Use strong language including strong verbs, etc.Body Style can be Thematic or ChronologicalIf you have notes about paragraphs weakened by narrative, then avoid the Chronological Body Style and focus on grouping the Ideas into Thematic.