Compare and Contrast the Texas and the U.S. Constitution

The outline below presents the items that you need to cover in your essay.A). Discuss and explain the American (United States) ConstitutionDefine social contract (1 point)Define government (1 point)Define constitution (1 point)Majestic Vagueness (1 point)Define legal constitutionalism (1 point)Define separation of powers (1 point)Define checks and balances (1 point)B).Discuss and explain the TX Constitution of 1876The Grange and Retrenchment and Reform (1 point)Limited government (explain how):i) TX Executive (E.J. Davis and Plural executive 1 point)ii) TX legislature (structure and session lenght- 2 points).iii) TX Judiciary (1 point)C. Analyze the TX constitution of 1876Provide some strengths of TX constitution (2 strengths- 2 points)Provide some weaknesses TX constitution (2 drawbacks- 2 points)D). Compare and Contrast the Texas and the U.S. ConstitutionProvide some similarities of the U.S. and TX constitution (2 similarities- 2 points)Provide some differences between the U.S. and the TX Constitution of 1876 (2 differences- 2 points)