Compare the work done at the company and the organizational culture and explain how this relates.

For this Assignment, you will complete an observation and analytical evaluation of an organization. You will choose a business to observe either as an employee or as a customer/client.
Two attachments will be needed to hand in for this assignment:PowerPoint Presentation including narration with six slides that is professionally organizedTranscript shared in a Microsoft Word document should be included (be sure to separate each slide on a separate page).Replace all template wording with brief bulleted points in your own words that guides the audience.
Your PowerPoint presentation should include a total of six slides using the following format:Slide 1: Cover page that includes assignment title, your name, course, section number, and date.Slide 2: Introduction of Company (1–2 minutes of narration)Introduce the presentation by explaining information about the organization and the observation that took place such as the name of the organization, type of organization, day and time of observation and your role as an observer (are you an employee, customer, etc.).Share background information about the company to give the audience an understanding of what this organization does. Support the ideas shared with research about the company’s background.Slide 3: Professional Appearance of Employees and Company (1–2 minutes of narration)Use these questions to guide your response (do not use these questions verbatim in your presentation):How do the employees dress?Is there anything about the appearance of the employees that distracts from their professionalism?Do the employees’ appearance fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?What does the working environment look like? (furnishings, artwork, lighting, sounds, etc.)Do the physical surroundings fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?How do the employees interact with each other and outside people within the workplace? (greetings, tone of conversation, non-verbal communication, etc.)How do employees interact with each other?Do the interactions of employees fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?Slide 4: Analysis of Company (1–2 minutes of narration)What inferences can you make from your observation? You should cover the following ideas in your explanation:Analyze the company based on information you have learned about organizational culture in the class. Areas to include:Determine the dominant organizational culture the company follows by choosing one of the 4 organizational cultures you learned during this unit of the course. Support this information with what you have learned about organizational culture based on both observations and research.Compare the work done at the company and the organizational culture and explain how this relates.Research the mission of the company and explain if it aligns with what you have observed. Explain why or why not.Slide 5: Evaluation of Your Fit (1–2 minutes of narration)Based solely on what you have observed and researched about the company (not based on the field of the company), do you feel you would be a good fit for this company? Why or why not?Support this information with what you have learned through your observation as well as what you have researched about the company.Identify at least 2–3 social and behavioral attributes you have that would be an asset to this company. Explain why. How do these attributes specifically connect with the nature and needs of the company?Slide 6: Reference Slide – follows APA guidelines. (Reminder: for each source on the reference slide, there must be a corresponding in-text citation in the body of the presentation.)Narration Guidelines: Your narration for the slides should demonstrate the following:Maintain a persuasive tone by summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide.Words should be clearly enunciated, and professional tone should be sustained throughout the presentation narration.Audio recording should be free of background noise and interruptions.