compensation of a quantity

our refinery depends on own generator system for production of power for the refineries. so we give power to the our own refinery from our generators. These generators consume Diesel during the startup and shutdown while fuel oil for continues operation. The total number of the generators are (20)Installed in r2 and r3 refinery with capacity of (1.7) MW of each generator. During the periods mentioned in the attached document, refinery was working for your company and the generators were consuming the fuel oil from our tanks which belongs to our company to generate the power for r1 to operate the operational refinery units. the periods we put minus in the attached is when our company took from their company and based on that we did a balance (?) cubic meter is required to be return back to our company so,we hereby request your company to compensate the quantity by volume or value and plan with us for the coming months on a daily or monthly strategy to compensate our share of fuel as this procedure will continue and happens on monthly basis