Contemporary Issue Comparison

This paper is to be Comparative Issue Study, in which you will select two countries (NOT the United States) and explore a contemporary issue confronted by the chosen countries, and compare how the two countries deal with this area of public policy. The issue may range from a social problem, such as healthcare that is too costly, an economic problem, such as underdevelopment or foreign debt, or a political problem such as fragile democratic institutions of democracy in transitioning countries, ethnic strife, or civil war. You might also want to address issues such as the integration of foreigners into host countries, the rights of citizens, or the representation of women and minority groups. In your paper, you must provide analysis of the dimensions of the problem, describe its effects on the country you select, explain why it is a problem today, and suggest possible solutions as well as the likelihood of solutions.Since this is a college-level term paper, it must be analytical and properly footnoted. At a minimum you should use 6 sources of academic journal articles and books. At the end of your essay, you must provide a bibliography (APA style) of sources consulted.
Please choose between these topics: air quality, cost of education, cost of healthcare, crime rates, water quality, war& conflict, unemployment, treatment of minorities, technology related, sustainable energy, political rights & freedom,pollution, racial/social justice, refugees, racism, poverty, political stability/participation, jobs & development, government services, gun control, homelessness, inflation, infrastructure, food security, epidemics & pandemics, cybersecurity, demographics
– You must not compare 2 different countries from different levels; for example, you must compare third-world countries with third-world countries