Corporations and their Social Responsibility (1 Hr. Assignment)

CSR Reading – Chapter 1 Corporations and their Social Responsibility (1 Hr. Assignment)Start AssignmentDue Saturday by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a text entry box or a file uploadRead Pages 1 – 13, stop before WHITE COLLAR CRIME.Assignment:Submit a reaction to the reading to me. Answer these questions.1. Why do corporations exist?2. What is the good (productive) advantage of a corporation?3. What is the down-side to unrestrained self-servicing relentless greed from a corporation?4. What is the stake holder perspective and how does that help restrain corporate evil?5. What is Cause-Related marketing? (Your professor thinks this is becoming mandatory for high performing corporations)6. Explain how Green-Washing is, sort-of, the opposite of Cause-Related MarketingGrading Criteria:Provide APA formatted in-text and end-of paper citations for any external documents you reference. – 10 PointsThis response can be as little as three paragraphs – more is not better, less may impact your grade – 10 pointsDemonstrate you retained some info from the reading in your answers – 10 pointsDemonstrate you are interacting with the info and creating a plan to integrate it into your future decision making – 10 points.Content, insights, etc. – 10 points.