Correlation between Race and Unemployment

Topic: Correlation between Race and Unemployment
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Professor’s instructions:
The empirical project (term paper) should employ the econometricmethods we covered in the course. If you use methodsthat are not related to the topics that we covered, the econometrics part of your projects will not be accepted, and you willget zero from thoseparts! For example, we are not covering time series econometrics or ANOVA in this course. And, obviously, a project that uses econometrictools that are specific to such topics (and other unrelated econometrics topics) will not be accepted. Also, the topic must be related to Economicsor Finance. So, for example a topic about physics or chemistry is not accepted. Each student needsto write his/her own paper in thisclass. Detailedinstructionsforthetermpaper willbeexplained later on.If you want, youcansend mean abstractofthetermpaper to check whether you are on the right path or not. This is notrequired. Just in case you need guidance, you can do it. Theproposal/draftshouldinclude(i)themainquestionof interest,(ii)data descriptionorhowto obtain the data. The proposal can be several sentences as long as you can communicate (i)and (ii) clearly. The draft will help me to understand whether you are in the right direction or not. If something doesn’tmake sense, I will guide you for how you can improve/correct your planned project idea.The term paper is expected to be at least six (6) double-spaced pages and at most nine (9) double-spaced pages, whichshould contain (i) abstract, (ii) introduction, (iii) description of the data, (iv) econometric model, (v) results andinterpretation, and(vi) conclusions. If your project is shorter than 6 pages or longer than 10 pages (12 pts font anddouble-space) excluding the references, you will lose 5 points per missing or extra page for not following restrictions.So, use your limited space wisely. Submission must be done through Blackboard. Email submissions will not beaccepted. If you submit the project late, you will lose 6 points for each hour. Hence, for every 10 minutes, you will lose1 point. Similar to homework submission, you will have time. So, I won’t accept doctor’s report, university relatedexcuses, or any other excuses for late submission. Ideally, you should submit before deadline to avoid problemsrelated to late submission. Such excuses are only valid for exams.