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Compose a 5-6 page paper on the use of analytics and data from the readings regarding today`s business environment. You may follow the issues discussed in each question in the textbook or extend the discussion in any direction you choose, but be sure to submit a paper that clearly discusses and thoroughly documents your subtopics and use the specified data. Ensure your paper is well organized, proofread, and in APA format. Please use section headings and make sure you have a minimum of 5 peer reviewed sources. You may select any TWO questions from the following list. Please also attach your Excel Worksheet to illustrate how you constructed your simulation model. A sample grading criteria is attached.


Spiritual Formation Blog Post Assignment

Quality Benchmark Project Part 3

As manager of a midsized company, you’ve been asked by the management council to justify the installation of a Wi-Fi network for your company. They are most concerned with security. Without getting into the technology aspects, write a report that convinces your management council that Wi-Fi networks can be secure.

Read Plato’s Symposium and answer the prompts below.

Applying a Tripartite Model

Free Essay Topic: creative writing/ independent research. Subject is borders, migration, totalitarianism, dictatorship, survival, memory, Cold War, migration, nuclear and natural disasters, war, trauma, resilience, etc.

Political Analysis in nursing

Briefly, discuss the effectiveness of consent degrees and Section 14141 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Viola Davis Acceptance Speech

Briefly, discuss the findings of a study conducted by Donner, Fridell, and Jennings (2016) pertaining to the relationship between self-control and police misconduct. In doing so, discuss Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) general theory of crime as it is relative to self-control theory and police misconduct.