Court cases where cloud forensic evidence was used.

Paper Assignment

Go online and find one (or two if you prefer) court cases where cloud forensic evidence was used. Detail as much as you can about why the evidence was important, what went wrong in the collection process(if anything) or what went right. Focus not just on the case but on the forensics piece. The paper should be 1 to 2 pages.

General Paper Guidelines

Use a minimum of five sources for each assignment. You can use your textbook as a reference, but it will not count as one of your sources. Your sources should be reputable—do not rely on Websites not associated with professional organizations and institutions (blogs, etc.). Any items taken from the Web should be carefully evaluated to ensure that they are appropriate for a college-level assignment.
Formatting Guidelines for Papers


must be written in 12-point Times New Roman font with proper citations and a bibliography. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition style guide ( (Links to an external site.)) for citations, references, headings, and paper format. The bibliography will not count toward the page total.

Papers should contain the following sections:
Introduction—This is an introductory statement about your paper. What point are you making, or what are you hoping to discover? Provide the thesis or purpose of the paper here.
Body—This is the main section of the paper. Make sure you thoroughly fulfill the requirements of the assignment. Do what you stated in the introduction and support your conclusions.
Conclusion—This is the part of your paper where you give your final thoughts. Based on your analysis, what have you concluded about tee points or questions raised in the introduction?
Bibliography (does not count toward page total)—This contains your reference list, which must be formatted in APA 7th edition guidelines. — On a separate page.