Covid 19 Crisis Essay 3

In reference to your 3rd and final essay assignment, it will encompass your reflections regarding the COVID 19 crisis. You may use the following questions to guide your reflections and responses.3rd Essay Question PromptsWhat weaknesses and what strengths are coronavirus exposing in our society? What lessons can we learn from this crisis? How should we apply those lessons?What role should leaders, in government and elsewhere, play during a crisis like this one?What ethical issues does this pandemic raise — for each of us personally, for our immediate communities, and for us all as global citizens? What does it mean to be a “good citizen” in the context of this outbreak?4 Pages. Word count must be stated in your essay after your last paragraph. Word Count cannotInclude Your Name, Class, Instructor, Title,Date and Works Cited.Research: 3sourcesFormat: MLA Format.Audience: Academic Audience, must use formal language, no you of any form, No Contractions, Slang, Clichés, and Colloquialisms.