criminal justice class: understanding criminal behavior

Summer is a great time for gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately last summer had a few disturbing stories that relate to our class. One story is the kidnapping and murder of an 8 year old boy in Brooklyn by Levy Aron.1. Please view the following the video Brooklyn Missing Boy: Police Arrest Man the Dismembered Child Had Asked for Directions to refresh your recollections on this story. There are two videos on the left margin of that page which you should also view.2. After viewing them, please write a 15-20 sentence piece on your reactions. In particular, discuss how the Criminal Justice system should handle this case and what can be done to prevent another crime of this nature in the future. The postings will be graded on a 10-point scale with attention given toThe use of proper writingThe thoughtfulness of the postingThe connection(s) made to our class (especially after we complete the first chapter as students should begin to incorporate new knowledge into future postings)Use “CREATE MESSAGE” button below.3. Also post a reply of 2-3 additional sentences to another student’s posting. Use “REPLY” button after reading another student’s posting to reply to another student.