Critical Thinking Assignment-Caleb

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to practice understanding a point of view different from your own. When we are able to approach knowledge with the humility to wonder, “What if I’m wrong?” we are better equipped to hold our beliefs with greater complexity, compassion, and empathy.Instructions: Revisit your “Here I Stand” selfie video transcript. Read the section where you anticipate the objections to your own point of view. In this assignment, write – as best you can – a passionate “Here They Stand” script for the other side. Give every effort to making the opposing view as strong and supported as possible. Use the three criteria of justification (experience, testimony, logic) to take as strong an opposite view as possible.Be very careful not to create a “straw man” argument. A straw man is an intentionally misleading or misrepresented depiction of another argument. For example, if I disagree with evolution, a straw man argument is that evolutionists “believe that we evolved from monkeys” (no evolutionist ever made such a claim). Instead, be rigorous – do your best – and give as strong an argument for your opposition as possible. Write between 600-800 words, and cite your sources.Ensure that your paper aligns with the following outline (notice how these are similar to your “Here I Stand” assignment):Introduction: Draw your audience into your presentationThesis: Make clear what your stance on the issue isEvidence: Provide justification for your thesisConclusion: Bring your essay to a logical conclusion.