cultural banquet project proposla

Please read the instruction file before viewing the project proposal document. Feel free to change anything in the proposalSome points that I’m doubting:– Proposed budget estimates. (Please rewrite it to sound more persuasive + Prefered to be formed in a paragraph), break down the budget in depth (how many students will be attending, how much per ticket). Make sure that the budget is mostly generated from tickets. Just to give you an idea our university students are around 9 thousand, also, one of the main sources of funding will be the student union which will take carry of a good portion of the donations.
– High-level risk/ Assumption / Constrains. (Modify it to be stronger points and more realistic)Lastly, sorry if I wrote a lot of notes I just wanted to give you a good visualization of the environment so you can write with clear vision. Please feel free to modify and add new ideas. Do your best to make it more professional and more realistic. I hope it gets approved and we can see it one day occurring on campus.