Current Events or Local Happenings

Current Events or Local HappeningsOur first essay this semester will examine a current topic in the news or tech media. The purpose of this essay is to take a stance and argue your personal perspective.Using at least three sources, your task is to analyze a current topic and argue your position, insight, and/or solution. You may use any of the articles we’ve read so far if you wish.For other sources, refer to such outlets as The Atlantic, Fox News, Forbes, Wired, Vice, Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, or the local newspaper or other media outlet. Topics may include but are not limited to:Colonizing MarsImmigration concernsNational Civil Rights ProtestsCovid and Quarantine IssuesAnything else you feel especially interested in or concerned aboutUse MLA format including:A title for your paperCourse information in the upper lefthand cornerIn-text citationsA works cited page (this page does not count as your minimum 4-5 pages)See here for MLA guidelines (Links to an external site.).Remember to use at least three supports for each assertion.You must have a thesis. As a reminder your thesis is the main assertion you are making. An example of a thesis for this assignment is: “Civil disobedience is the most effective form of activism.” or “The elimination of DACA undermines the foundation of this country.” Your actual statement will probably be a little more elegant than that, but your thesis should be easily summarized.Remember: an argument needs a stance.Be aware of your uses of pathos, logos, and ethos.Watch out for logical fallacies!