Cybersecurity Social engineering

Part 1 10 points – Chose a state that starts with first letter of your last name (WOO = Wyoming, Wisconsin) If there are no states with your last name use the first letter in in your first name.Identify what laws are in place in that state for cyber stalking, bullying and identify theft. Write a one page paper single spaced, describing what you found. Include references.
Part 2 10 points – David Doe is a network administrator for the ABC Company. David is passed over for promotion three times. He is quite vocal about his dissatisfaction with this situation. Eventually David quits and begins his own consulting company. Six months after David’s departure, it is discovered that a good deal of the ABC Company’s research has suddenly been duplicated by a competitor. Executives at the ABC suspect that David Doe has sone some consulting work for this competitor and may have passed on sensitive data, but ABC has no evidence of espionage.1 – What steps should have been taken to detect David’s alleged industrial espionage?2 – What steps might have been taken to prevent him from perpetrating such an offense?
Part 3 10 points – The covid pandemic has required many changes in the way we use computers which has resulted in an impact on cyber security. Write a one page paper, single spaced, on how the pandemic has increase cyber security concerns with respect to social engineering.