Data-Driven Decisions and School Leadership

Directions: Read Chapter one of the course textbook: Kowalski, T. J., II, T.J. L., & Mahoney, J. W. (2017). Data-Driven Decisions and School Leadership. Pearson Education (US). Additionally I have attached a PowerPoint for the chapter. In well developed paragraphs, written in APA format, address the following focus questions/prompts. Your responses must be comprehensive and not should statements repeated from the text. Include examples of how the concepts can be applied to practice. You infuse other research. Please use one additional source for each question along with the book.
1.What social forces influence decisions in schools?, describe each and how they may impact practice.2.How do district and school climate, and especially the element of culture, in-fluence decisions?3. What individual variables influence decision making?4. How does your understanding of decision behavior affect your acceptance of data-based decision making?5. How can community politics influence decisions made by principals and teachers?6. What is the difference between school climate and school culture?, explain each, describe how they can be positivelyshaped or developed in practice.7. Why is school culture highly relevant to decision making?9. What is decision-making style?, which style is least desirable for educators, give rationale.