Demonstrate understanding in an integrated manner

The purpose of this test is to develop in the student an ability toAbsorb the importance of best practices in project managementView and comprehend the material learned from a high levelSynthesize wider reading with the knowledge acquired in classroomApply the learning in the proper contextDemonstrate understanding in an integrated mannerDevelop academic and professional writing skillsBest Practices in Project ManagementIn this project management course, you have learned about the 10 project management knowledge areas and the five project management process groups as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the final module of this course, you were introduced to best practice project management.Write an essay describing 10 project management best practices, one for each knowledge area. Among the 10 best practices:At least five should be from your wider research, outside of the textbook.At least five should be related to best practices that facilitate, support, or improve teamwork.For each best practice, determine the process group to which the best practice belongs and elaborate on its use.The existence of best practices does not guarantee their use, as you can understand from the conference paper titled “The Non-adoption of Best/Accepted/Promising Practices in Projects(Links to an external site.)”. Include a section in your essay with recommendations for improving the adoption of project management best practices in an organization.