Describe 2-3 factors that are causing the problem or making it worse.

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Please be sure you have completed the readings before completing this assignment. It will give you an introduction to proposal writing and give examples of topic choices.

Your Assignment
Use the feedback you received from your Mod 1 Local Problem Brainstorm assignment to present one topic to be approved for your proposal paper. Please respond to the following questions thoroughly and in complete sentences.

Describe the problem: Begin by explaining the problem you want to solve. (Remember, it must be a local problem, no larger than the community/city/region in which you live). Include what people, groups, or organizations are being negatively affected by the problem. Provide either a link to a evidence that this problem exists (newspaper article, organizational website, etc.) or a description of firsthand experience with the problem (this can be from your or from someone you know who would be willing to be interviewed for the proposal).
Identify negative impacts: Who or what is being harmed by the existence of this problem? Describe the negative impacts that this problem is causing.
Identify causes: Why does this problem exist? To effectively deal with a problem, the root causes and contributing factors must first be identified. Describe 2-3 factors that are causing the problem or making it worse.
Describe a solution: Based on your understanding of the causes and factors contributing to the problem, what is your preliminary proposed solution(s) to the problem. What actions would need to be taken to help solve the problem?
Specify obstacles: Identify 2-3 potential obstacles that could get in the way of the proposal being approved (arguments for a different solution, cost, personnel, taking resources or space away from another group, etc.). In other words, what could make it difficult to solve this problem?
Discover information gaps: What are some things that you don’t know about this issue or need to learn more about? What kinds of information and other perspectives would help you to better understand the “big picture” of the problem, solution, and obstacles?
Determine proposal audience: Describe your audience for this proposal. Don’t just say “a general audience”; specify who you are persuading. The audience should be the decision makers of the organization or community your proposal is targeting, the people that can make the change happen.
Consider audience perspective: What assumptions, questions, or concerns might your audience have about the problem/solving the problem? (Think about what they may have heard or read concerning your topic, or what sort of experiences they may have with it.)
Prepare your assignment in a word processor offline. Use MLA or APA formatting. Click on the title of the Assignment upload your file as a .doc, or .docx file.