Describe an instance where one was required to manage an event or a project.

MANAGING A SPECIFIC EVENT OR PROJECTPreparationIn this assignment, you will complete aquestionnaire in which you will analyze an experience with managing a specificevent or project. Review the Atha Questionnaire Template[DOCX] and use it andthe scenario below to complete this assignment.ScenarioAtha markets its product—unique lightingproducts (wall, pendant, floor, table, and nightlights)—through a series ofregional distributors and an online marketplace. The CEO has asked her leadershipteam to nominate managers within their areas to spearhead a project to helpAtha achieve its corporate goals.A short time later, you received the followinge-mail from your director:Hello,I have nominatedyou to manage a project for the CEO of Atha Corporation. To be considered, Ineed you to provide responses to the questions in the attached document. Pleasereturn your completed document to me within seven business days.Thanks,Katie HartDirector – AthaCorporationRespond to the scenario by completingthe Atha Questionnaire Template[DOCX].AdditionalRequirementsYour assignment should also meet the followingrequirements:· Written communication: Use correctgrammar and mechanics and express your main points, arguments, and conclusionscoherently.· Format: Use the Atha Questionnaire documentto complete the assignment.· Length: 750–1,000 words per section (threesections).· Font and font size: Times New Roman,12 point.
Competencies MeasuredBy successfully completing this assignment,you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies andscoring guide criteria:· Competency 1:Analyze characteristics and behaviors of effective managers.· Analyze one’s ownapproach to management of a specified event or project.· Justify why chosenmanagement characteristics are appropriate for a specified situation.· Competency 3:Communicate effectively and professionally.· Describe aninstance where one was required to manage an event or a project.· Convey clearmeaning in active voice, with minimal issues in grammar, usage, word choice,spelling, or mechanical errors.