Describe four (4) different RITUALs that occurred fairly consistently in your family of origin.

Much of who we are is based on the values and beliefs that are learned. This paper is designed to explore how your family of origin, has played a role in your approach to helping.Directions: Begin the paper by introducing your family of origin (e.g., intact, single parent, blended: # of members and their relation to each other; primary geographical influences; etc.)Describe four (4) different RITUALs that occurred fairly consistently in your family of origin. Include a variety of both formal and informal rituals illustrating different areas of family life for example, recreation, holidays, handling money, household chores, meal time, allowance, visitors, etc. Identify each ritual by giving it a title and underlining the key behavior sequence involved.For at least two (2) of the rituals you describe, incorporate into your description of the ritual:How this ritual taught/reinforced gender roles in your familyHow this ritual confirmed or related to your family’s culture or ethnic backgroundIn what ways this ritual met or failed to meet the developmental needs of your family system, relational systems or individuals within the system; and /or how this ritual changed with the changing developmental needs of your family (e.g., family life cycle changes, divorce deaths)Describe three (3) family RULES you believe operated in your family of origin. At least one of these rules must be of the cover or unconscious type.Describe one (1) of your family’s MYTHS. Connect it to your family’s rules and or rituals.Conclude your paper with a minimum of two (2) full pages addressing how this information translates to you as a helping professional. How will these traits impact your work as a helping professional either as assets or as liabilities? How do you see your spirituality and faith impacting your work as a helping professional? (e.g., a Christian therapist vs. a therapist who is not a Christian)Paper Guidelines:Length: 3-5 pages,APA format ( double spaced. 1″ margins, numbered pages, etc,)Clearly label or introduce each of the main section (e.g., “Numerous rituals were observed in my family origin, four of which are described below. The first two rituals are discussed in terms of their gender, cultural and developmental implications.”)Number each ritual and rule for ease n reading and grading your paper. Name each ritual, rule and myth (e.g., “1. The Children’