Describe how punishments have evolved from the time of Hammurabi’s Code to modern day? What philosophical shifts in corrections have you noticed.

Written Assignment No. 1Please answer both of the following two questions.You should primarily use your text, but you may also use any othersource provided in this Lesson.1. Describe how punishments have evolved fromthe time of Hammurabi’s Code to modern day? What philosophical shifts incorrections have you noticed.2. Many reformers tried to improve prisonconditions in the U.S. Identify one of them and describe their majorcontribution to corrections.
Written Assignment No. 2A male being prosecuted for murder is foundguilty by a jury but for the crime of manslaughter rather than homicide.The defendant has a prior criminal record for petty theft and drug charges, butno violent crimes and no felonies. The current case actually involves adrug deal “gone bad” where the defedant’s supplier is the victim. Your state sets the sentencing range formanslaughter from 6 to 20 years of imprisonment, but it is also possible that ajudge could sentence the offender to probation. You are the sentencingjudge.What type of a sent will you impose, andwhy? Make sure you explain which correctional ideology you have chosen touse.What additional information, about theoffender, the victim or the state’s correctional system, might you need to helpyou make this very challenging decision?