Describe how the web site presents information on the culture history of the region/locality in question. this assignment you are asked to choose one of the archaeology web sites listed below and answer the three questions that follow. Your answers will vary in length and detail, but the target length of this assignment is 500 words, roughly two double-spaced pages of text with 12-pt Times New Roman font. Edit your work carefully because poor grammar, spelling errors, and typos will lower your grade (see below). You may find reason to quote from the web site you analyze, but avoid long quotations (i.e., more than 15 words) and provide attribution for any quote given.Type the answers to your questions in a MS Word file or comparable software and upload the document in the Canvas system.QuestionsAt top of the first page place (1) your name, (2) title of web site, and (3) url (web address) of website.Describe how the web site presents information on the culture history of the region/locality in question. Is the narrative linear (from origins to modern, or backwards, from the modern to origins), or based on topical concepts that crosscut time? Is there a unifying theme to the narrative, or do you perceive differences in the way earlier and later cultures are described (e.g., early cultures as outcomes of nature; later cultures freed of nature’s constraints).If the narrative of culture history discusses change through time, to what causes are changes attributed? Do causes for change vary by time period and/or culture?Does the western notion of “progress” appear in the narrative of cultural or social change over time? If so, is it applied consistently throughout the narrative of change, or do you sense a shift in emphasis as the narrative approaches the present? If not, what alternative theme, if any, can you detect?TipsRead the questions carefully before you choose a website. Next review the list of web sites and select one that interests you. You may want to give each web site a quick perusal. Don’t forget that these sites, like most web sites, have many layers of information, including material that is not relevant to this assignment. Generally, you will want to find the pages that deal with timelines, culture history, and archaeology. By reading the questions first, and repeatedly throughout this project, you’ll be able to zero in on the most relevant material.