Describe how to order and display case study data in different ways

Describe how to order and display case study data in different ways2. Identify methods for setting-up (‘play’) with data to help detect promising patterns, insights,and concepts in case study data3. Explain the four generic analytical strategies and the five analytical techniques for case studydata4. Draft a Descriptive Case Study that is unique and not normally available to researchers (seeBox 28, Box 3A (Yin, 2018))
1590 word paper needs to be written with these main sections:Cover pageAbstractIntroductionArray and Display Case Study DataHow to Detect Patterns, Insights, and ConceptsGeneric Analytical Strategies and Analytical TechniquesDescriptive Case StudyConclusionReferences
References- All references must be within 5 years and one references must be a biblical verse related to to the topic.
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