Describe how you know this information is not accurate.

#1 post Bias in writing respond to the following:Link to the article you found that is biased or misleading.Provide a summary of the main points of the article.Describe information within the article that is blatantly untrue, skewed, or could be true (but cannot be verified).Describe how you know this information is not accurate. Refer back to the article for specific techniques and ideas.Reflect on the importance of checking the validity of information that you cite in your writing.Why is accuracy so important, particularly as you progress farther in the university?What will you do differently from this point forward?
#2 post Evaluating Argumentative Techniques in Writing
Assignment Locate an article or essay whose main purpose is to persuade the reader.Choose an article or essay that is appropriate for this course, and avoid topics that are overly controversial or inflammatory.Consider the source of the article or essay, and ensure that the information within it is true and relevant.Read the article or essay closely, looking for the elements of effective writing we have discussed in this course thus far.As you read, analyze the article or essay not just for the message, but HOW that message is being delivered.What does the author do to appeal to the reader?What is appealing about the tone, style, and word choice? What is particularly effective about this message?What could be improved?