Describe how you would collaborate with this organization to implement your interventions and achieve your stated goals.

Complete a Windshield Survey Tool, community notes, and analysis of primary and secondary data (using the Secondary Data Analysis Sheet) to identify a community health problem; develop goals, objectives, interventions, and their relevance to nurComplete a Windshield Survey Tool, community notes, and analysis of primary and secondary data (using the Secondary Data Analysis Sheet) to identify a community health problem; develop goals, objectives, interventions, and their relevance to nursing. Create an electronic PPT presentation as detailed in the outline below. Make sure to upload the Community Health Survey Tool along with the notes with the Poster presentation. This will be an individual level assignment but one that you may complete in pairs or groups.Windshield Survey –SNAPSHOT OF: Communities/NeighborhoodsThis will be an individual assignment. Each student will choose from one of the following cities/community (DORAL CITY )in Miami Dade County. Students must travel into the assigned community.In community health nursing, the client is frequently a community. A windshield survey is the motorized equivalent of a physical assessment for an individual patient. But in this case the community is the client. Just as a nurse in a hospital setting can assess each system in the human body (e.g., listening to heart sounds), community health nurses can assess various “systems” in the community by driving or walking through neighborhoods in the community. The observations made during a windshield survey provide important first steps that can inform the public health nurse about “systems” in the community that need more thorough assessment. For example, if, during the windshield survey, a nurse observes many overweight people, he or she may hypothesize that proper nutrition and exercise are areas of weakness for the community. This could lead to an examination of the availability and usability of parks, sidewalks or other areas for exercise, etc. Of course, the nurse is visiting only a limited section of the neighborhood during a specified time, so it is a given that the perceptions performed in a windshield survey are subjective. The next step is to verify these perceptions of the health of the community by doing a comprehensive community assessment (e.g., looking at demographic and epidemiologic data, interviewing key stakeholders in the community)..This is a subjective analysis. It is based on your personal observations.Directions for completing the assignment:1. Decide the best day/time to complete the windshield survey2. Carefully drive around your community making observations.3. Pull over to take notes as you ride around your designated neighborhood. You will complete assigned windshield survey tool that is provided (see attachment). This is meant as a guide, but you should be able to answer most of these questions; however, IN ADDITION, to this it is important for you to take your own notes to add to the assessment and help inform the next parts of the community assessment (remember these get uploaded with your Poster PPT)4. In addition to driving through the community, you must “hang out” at least one time at a place in your community. Examples include, but are not limited to, eating at a local restaurant (not a national chain), attending a midweek or Sunday church service, shopping at a local pharmacy, grocery store, or other store, etc. This is considered participant observation, so observe your surroundings long enough to be able to make informed statements about the community, as you’ll be asked to comment on this experience on the poster you create at the end of the community assessment project. For your safety, please be sure to wear a mask and participate in social distancing practices when leaving your vehicle. If the opportunity presents itself and you are able to talk to a few individuals within this community who could shed some light on the information you are collecting then by all means converse with these individuals and take notes and this could be used as part of your objective data later used to decide on what educational topics are chosen for your community.· You may also wish to take pictures of your community to include on your poster (optional but highly recommended). Please use your judgment about what is/is not appropriate to photograph (e.g., people may not be comfortable having their photo taken).Electronic Poster PPT PosterWindshield survey data will be presented in an electronic poster PPT format (be sure to see the grading rubric for the assignment). Posters should include the following information, typed and formatted on your PowerPoint Slide (see Example). Include the following information below on your poster as well as what is included in the grading rubric. Additional PPT’s containing demographics and other required material: (all additional criteria required as outlined in the grading rubric can be included in additional PowerPoint slides that you will submit as part of your poster PPT poster).Outline of PPT Poster (these is what need to be on the poster)· Title (include name of the community/neighborhood you assessed)· Your name· Identify the boundaries of the community (include a map and highlight the area you assessed)· Analyze the collected data looking for similarities, differences, and inconsistencies between your chosen community, Miami Dade County (MDC) and the state of Florida.· Describe two (2) identified needs/problems in this community (based on the analysis of the primary and secondary data and ensure these can be supported with the collected information.· Identify 2 goals and 3 SMART objectives to identify one of your identified problems· Identify two real or potential strengths of your assigned community. Write 2-3 appropriate community-level interventions and the determinants or causes of identified problems based on needs assessment (review Health Problem Worksheet, Community Health Plan Worksheet)· Choose a local organization that address this problem as well as state or national organization that addresses the problem· Describe how you would collaborate with this organization to implement your interventions and achieve your stated goals.· Include pictures of your community, where appropriate. Make sure you select and define your community by noting the history of your community. How did your community come to be? When did your community become a community? What makes your community thrive today. Describe the physical environment of your community. Capturea picture of your selected community. What are the vital statistics of your community?Think about socioeconomic statistics. What are the leading causes of death? What illnessor diseases are present in your community? Do citizens in your community have easyaccess to primary care? What are the most prevalent health problems in your community? (recognize that not all this data will be included in your poster but must be included in the supplemental resources and refer to grading rubric for key data to include. Additionally, the Secondary Data Analysis Sheet contains direct links and hints on how to collect needed data and key indicators for the various areas; this could save you hours of time; MAKE SURE TO REVIEW GRADING RUBRIC)Secondary Data Analysis SheetSecondary Data Analysis Sheet: Now that you have done your Community Windshield observation it is important to take the time to collect demographic, health and vital statistics about your community as outlined in the Secondary Data Analysis Sheet and the Grading Rubric). It is essential that these numbers and statistics are provided with context because simply providing numbers does nothing for interpretating what they mean without context. Your job will be to gather the required data about your community/city and compare this data with Miami Dade County and the state of Florida.*** the secondary data table and the windshield table need to be completed please and then build the poster based on that info collected on those docs******* see grading rubric please****