Describe techniques and empirical material that will be used and how these will be analyzed.

It’ll be used as applying the PhD.1.Title2.Introduction (a. Explain how the study is relevant to the advance the field. Why to choose this topic.Brief account about the topic to situate the study. Show how the study will contribute to new knowledge.b.Main objectives and pirpose of the project))3.Literature review (Background and status of knowledge. Find the research gap. Why do we know about the topicthat you plan to research. Why is ti important to investigate. What is previously known/ unknown?Sharpen the outline ogf the research objectives and research questions.)5.Methodology (a.State the objectives you want to answer through your project. b.Approaches, design and choice ofmethod. Give an account of the methodological foundation. Any research-ehtical challanges. Describethe study site/context briefly. Describe the underlying data collection techniques. Describe techniques and empircal material that will be used and how these will be analysed.)6.Timeline (Progress plan -Outline briefly how you intend to organize your doctoral work over 3 years, including key milestones like data collection,data analysis. Ethical issues.)7.Reference