Describe the criteria for inclusion in the group and what would cause a member to be in appropriate for the group.

Students will prepare a group proposal and develop a 6-week curriculum for the proposed group. In order to develop the proposal and curriculum students will first select a specific population (children, adolescents, young adults, college students, older adults, etc.) and then a group specialization (psychoeducation, process/psychotherapy, etc.). The group curriculum should consist of six sessions, which can be presented in lesson-plan format. The curriculum should be approximately 18-22 pages in length, written in APA 7-format, with an appropriate title page, headings, margins, spacing, and references. No abstract necessary. (An example format will be provided in Blackboard). The proposal at minimum should include the following components:Background and rationale for the group specialization (psychoeducation, process/psychotherapy, etc.) including relevant supporting research (minimum of 10 sources dated 2010 or later).Objectives of the group. 3-5 overall core objectives as well as a clearly stated objective for each session.Group composition: (i.e. heterogeneous or homogeneous, age, or presenting concerns, how many members will be included in the group).Logistics to consider when planning the group: Include an informed consent form. Describe how you will recruit, select, and screen members. Describe the criteria for inclusion in the group and what would cause a member to be in appropriate for the group. Explain when and where the group will take place. Discuss how long the group will last. Use support literature to justify your processes.Ethical and multicultural considerations: Discuss various ethical concerns related to the group and how you will address them. Discuss how you will attend to diversity within the group.The theoretical approach you will use in your group: Describe your theoretical approach to the group with support from the literature. The activities you develop in your curriculum should be congruent with your theoretical approach.Ways you will attempt to balance process and content in your group: Discuss how you will attend to group process and balance process with content during group sessions. Also include the specific content (activities, interventions, topic of discussion) as well as potential process questions for each group session in the curriculum section.Examples of how you will attend to warm-up, action, and closure phases in your group: Discuss interventions that you use in the beginning, working, and closing phases of your group sessions. Also, include “ice-breaker” and warm-up activities, action interventions, and closing activities for each session within the curriculum.Leadership role and function: Discuss your leadership style and your role as a leader during each stage of the group.Evaluation: Discuss how termination and follow-up appraisals be performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the group (e.g., what forms of assessment will you use?). Describe what provisions will be made for individuals who do not progress or harmed as result of the group experience.Interpersonal learning: Describe how you will help group members translate interpersonal learning in the group to life beyond the group.PLEASE NOTE: I attached a sample of how this assignment should look like. It is just a sample given to us by the professor. Please do your own original stuff.