Describe the elements of a value-based healthcare framework.

Create a multimedia presentation, includingpresenter notes for each slide, to inform key stakeholders about value-basedcare and present elements of an action plan.Note: Presenternotes must be included for each slide to fully cover the level of explanation,analysis, and discussion necessary.1. Provide anintroduction (suggested length of 3–4 slides) to value-based care by doing thefollowing:a. Describe theelements of a value-based healthcare framework.
b. Explain thebenefits of value-based care for patients and populations.
c. Describe therationale for implementing value-based care in a healthcare organization.
2. Identify(suggested length 1–2 slides) a nursing role,a. Describe howthe advanced professional nurse could facilitate the implementation ofvalue-based care within the role identified.3. Summarize(suggested length of 5–6 slides) evidence relevant to the topic of value-basedhealthcare from five peer-reviewed scholarly sources published within the pastfive years.4. Describe(suggested length of 2–3 slides) two strategies to implement value-basedhealthcare, or if the organization has already implemented it, describe twostrategies that were used.a. Identify keystakeholders for each strategy.
b. Describe therole of each stakeholder for each strategy.
c. Identifyspecific methods to measure the effectiveness of each strategy.
5.Discuss two organizational strengths.
6. Discuss two organizational opportunities forimprovement.
7. Analyze yourorganization’s level of readiness to implement value-based care based on itsreadiness score.
Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-textcitations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, orsummarized.Demonstrate professional communication in the contentand presentation of your submission.