Describe the existing boundary between the two disputing states.

4.04 – Political Boundaries
Step One: Review the rubricPerformance LevelExcellentGoodNeeds ImprovementWhat content did you learn?40%20–17 pointsResponses clearly and completely address each part.Responses are clear and logical.16–9 pointsResponses addresses most, but not all, parts.Responses are mostly clear and logical.8–0 pointsResponses are missing content required to address each part.Responses lack clarity and evidence of sound reasoning.What is your level of understanding?40%20–17 pointsResponses show high level of insight and understanding of content.All components of work are detailed.16–9 pointsResponses show moderate level of insight and understanding of content.Most components of work are detailed.8–0 pointsResponses show superficial level of insight and understanding of content.Some components of work lack detail.How are you presenting your thoughts?20%10–9 pointsResponses are well organized and neat.Responses are well presented and contain few, if any, minor errors.8–5 pointsResponses are mostly organized and neat.Responses display acceptable presentation, but have minor errors.4–0 pointResponses lack organization.Responses contain major errors and display weak presentation.
Step Two: Research a boundary dispute:
Find a current event news article outlining a boundary dispute. Provide a link to the article for your instructor.Summarize the article in a well-formed paragraph.
**A good source to begin your resource is ****
Step Three: Explain the boundary dispute
Explain the boundary dispute by responding to the following prompts.Describe the existing boundary between the two disputing states.Explain why the area surrounding the boundary is disputed by outlining each state’s point of view.Step Four: Illustrate the boundary dispute.Provide visual context for the boundary dispute.Find a map that clearly shows the boundary in dispute. A digital map from the internet is acceptable.Shade and label the disputed areas.