Describe the goals and beliefs of Counselling Skills

Choose one therapy from the list provided below. Conduct research on your chosen therapy and include the following in your paper:o Describe the goals and beliefs of your chosen therapy. What does this therapy aim to achieve?o Describe 2 techniques or methods used in your chosen therapy. Techniques and methods areanything that is particular to the therapy chosen, that is used to reach the goals of that therapy.e.g. a particular type of question, intervention, or way of engaging with clients. What wouldsomeone using this therapy do in order to help their clients? Required sources for this section: You may use books, journal articles, and selectwebsites as sources of information. Acceptable websites include APA, CHEO, RoyalOttawa, and CMHA. Your paper should use at least 2 sources, and must include a mix ofsources (e.g. you cannot use only websites).
 Consider the 2 techniques you chose and how they may or may not fit with the work of a CYC. Includethe following in your paper:o Explain whether these techniques could be used in the Child and Youth Care field. If yes, explainwhy the techniques are a good fit for CYC practice. If not, explain why the techniques are not agood fit for CYC practice. Draw on theory from the CYC field in your explanation. Required sources for this section: Books or journal articles. At least 1 source. Suggestedbook: Your textbook from Introduction to CYC. Suggested Journal: Relational Child andYouth Care Practice