Describe the physical environment and design of your office – provide pictures of your office layout .

As a result, dental hygienist were able to open their own dental hygiene practices to serve the needs of the community.In groups of 2, the purpose of this assignment is to develop a consolidated business plan for Dental Hygiene Practice of a 700 square feet in Ontario. Please refer to the rubric for specific components.Assignment Resources:• Lecture notes• ODHA and CDHA websites on dental hygiene business plan• Demographics in Toronto:• Business plan templates can be found on:o • Dental suppliers:o o
Dental Hygiene Business Plan Rubric Student: Written Business Plan Rubric Scoring ScaleSCORE1. Office Overview• Business name• Company logo (optional)• Name(s) of the owner(s)• Address (must be a real address)• Office layout and square footage breakdown• Number of operatories/102. Mission Statement & Ownership• The mission statement outlines your business philosophy and your vision of what your businesswill become.• Ownership: Who are the major stakeholders in the company? Is it a sole proprietorship,partnership or corporation?/103. Market Analysis• Why did you select this location?• How does your market demographic look like?• How large is the potential population base and what is their income, age, and education level?• Are there any other dental or dental hygiene practices competing with you?• What trends can you identify in the market?/104. Business DescriptionProvide a description of your business, for example, make sure to include the following:•• •Describe the physical environment and design of your office – provide pictures of your officelayout (reception area, treatment room, waiting room & sterilization area) – consider the AODArequirements of Ontario Businesses.What services will you provide?What are your operating plans (i.e. office hours)?/105. Business PlanningBefore you can purchase equipment or start building your space, you need to ensure you have the following:• a business loan• a property lease/purchase• an agreement with a contractor• an agreement with a supplier• Describe your plans for acquiring the above/106. Staff and Job Description• Details of proposed staff members• Job descriptions and duties of each staff member to include reporting structure, educationrequirement, attire and key responsibilities)• How much staff will be paid and any probationary period
7. Financial Plan & CostsDescribe your plans for financing the following:• Start-up costs: provide detailed costs of initial purchases of equipment, furniture, dental hygienehardware and software, payment processing systems and sundries• Estimated fixed monthly expenses (please provide specific details)• Variable expenses• Business licenses fees (i.e. incorporation fees)• Insurance (business insurance, illness or disability)• Legal, and accounting fees/108. Marketing Plan•• ••ow do you plan to compete withWhat are the advertising and promotional tools you will use to attract clients? These may includestationery, business cards, a website, signage, and radio, television, and newspaperadvertisements.Describe which tools you expect to use and their costs.Ensure advertising aligns with CDHO Advertising regulations. Hother businesses and attract clients?Describe the technical advantages you provide over your competitors (fees, hours of operation, follow-up, customer service, etc.).9. Revenue ProjectionsProvide the following revenue projections for one year• worst• expected• best• debt repayment/1010. Structure• Must be in Microsoft format (PowerPoint or Word)• All slide/pages must have the above named categories (1-9)• Presented in a duo tang• No typographical errors• Spelling, grammar, sentence structure/10