Describe the Recruitment and Selection Plan for a Total Rewards Director

Assume you are the Vice President of Human Resources within an organization that is part of the automotive industry. You need to hire a Total Rewards Director who has experience working with unions/organized labor. Your company values diversity; therefore, you also want to ensure your plan targets individuals who are underrepresented in the workplace.IntroductionSection 1 – Recruiting Sources- In this section, identify examples of the most appropriate recruiting resources you could use to hire a Total Rewards Director. Then, provide your rationale for using the recruiting resources that you identified.Section 2 – Initial Screening- In this section, describe the major topics of discussion that you will have with candidates (e.g., what critical factors, related to the position, need to be addressed/explored). Additionally, provide some examples of screening questions that can be used to solicit conversation.Section 3 – Preemployment Testing- In this section, identify and describe at least 2 testing options (e.g., personality, aptitude, skills, honesty, cognitive, etc.) to be included in the interview process. Then, provide your rationale and research to support the selection of these options.ConclusionReferences